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Any Time Now

Cast Bio: Angeline Ball is Nora Moggin

Angeline first came to public attention in Alan Parker's smash-hit adaptation of Roddy Doyle's THE COMMITMENTS. Her subsequent film credits include THE GENERAL (Dir. John Boorman), THE GAMBLER with Louise Rainer and Michael Gambon (Karoly Makk), TROJAN EDDIE (Dir Gilles McKinnon), and RANSOM (Dir. Graham Theakson). She has also appeared in many stage productions, notably in the role of Mrs Gogan in Stephen Rea's production of THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS.

Angeline describes Any Time Now as 'like that Almodovar movie - we're all slightly on the verge of a nervous breakdown'

'I think the thing about Nora is that she has a heart of gold underneath a rather frosty exterior but it takes time to see it', she says. 'She went to New York some years back to become an actress and ended up working all kinds of bar jobs. Anything other than actually acting!"

'She comes back for her father's funeral - in what she pretends is a blaze of glory having not being in touch with her father for a few years. But it comes unstuck. She knows that if her father hadn't died she wouldn't have come back so she's a bit ambivalent about her return. There's a sense of failure and a sense of guilt working against this confident exterior, which gradually begins to crack.'

In preparation for the role Angeline says the key to playing Nora was imagining her 'as a character you see from the outside. What you see is not really what you get by the end of the series. What may you see at the beginning is this selfish, self-centred, very sure of herself type who seems pretty heartless. But gradually the cracks start to appear. You see that she's very good at hiding her feelings, hiding her hurt and hopefully, over a number of episodes, you see that being back home, near her friends, in her old house, has an enormous effect on her and she begins to soften. There's an element of the child, the vulnerable in all three women in the series.'

Because of this emphasis on appearance, Angeline feels that the character is a gift for an actress. 'There's so much latitude with the character because of this "mask" she puts up. She approaches every situation she finds herself in as an "actress", which becomes very interesting when the mask begins to slip. Of course, it's challenging too, being an actress playing an actress.'