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Angels In America

Episode Four Recap

After meeting in Central Park, Louis and Joe end up at Louis' messy apartment.  Closeted-gay Joe feels uncomfortable.  He wants to go but Louis convinces him to stay.  Louis seduces him and they end up spending the night together.

Prior awakes from a dream and calls Belize.  "I've just had an orgasm, a wet dream," a shocked Prior says.  Prior says it was a female angel that caused his orgasm.   A look of concern appears on Belize's face.  "I'm scared and also full of hope," says Prior.

Meanwhile, the increasingly sick Roy checks in to the hospital where Belize works as a nurse. Roy insults him with cutting, racist remarks.  "I want a white nurse, it's my constitutional rights," demands Roy.  But Belize bites back. "You're in a hospital you don't have any constitutional rights," he says.  Despite being angry at Roy, Belize gives him valuable advice on his Aids treatment.  Taking Belize's advice, Roy pulls some strings to obtain hard-to-get experimental Aids pills.  Roy begs Belize to stay with him; he doesn't want to be alone.  "I would rather suck pus out of an abscess," says Belize.

Harper indulges in the fantasy that she is in Antarctica with her imaginary companion Mr Lies.  She cuts down a pine tree and sets it alight.  But Antarctica turns out to be Brooklyn's Prospect Park, and she is picked up by the police.

Hannah, Joe's devout Mormon mother, finally reaches Joe's apartment.  Joe is nowhere to be found.  Hannah receives a phone call from the police.  Harper has been arrested and Hannah goes to her rescue.

Prior and Belize attend the funeral of a gay friend who has died of Aids.  The funeral is full of pageantry and more like a Broadway show than a funeral.  "That was tacky," a cynical Prior says afterwards. After the funeral, Prior tells Belize the full story of the Angel's visit.   After her dramatic arrival, she gives Prior a prophetic book and explains that she seeks his help to halt the migratory tendency of human beings, which the angels in heaven believe tempted God to abandon them. God, she explains, left heaven forever on the day of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and since then his angels-whose vast powers are fuelled by constant sexual activity-have been alone. To reverse the trend, the Angel says humans must end their constant motion, their addiction to change. Not surprisingly, Prior is shocked at her words and vows to flee from her at all costs.  Belize thinks Prior is going crazy.  "There is no angel," says Belize.  "I believe I have seen the end of things," says Prior.  "And having seen, I'm going blind as prophets do, and if I hate even heaven, my only resistance is to run."

While in bed, Joe reveals to Louis that he is a Mormon and professes his love for him.  "You don't love me," says Louis.  "You think you do. It's just a gay virgin thing."   "I do, I love you," insists Joe.  "You and I Louis, we are the same," he says. "We both want the same thing."

In hospital, the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg appears at Roy's bedside.  Belize enters the room and tries to give Roy his medication, but Roy refuses.  He tells Belize he has a personal stash of experimental Aids pills.  Belize is shocked that Roy has access to this drug, as there are only 30 people in the whole country getting the drug.   Belize demands Roy to give him some of the valuable pills, so he can give to his dying friends.  They argue, and exchange racist taunts.  In the end, Roy gives Belize some drugs.  Ethel finds this exchange amusing.  She reminds Roy of his upcoming disbarment meeting.  Roy is feeling helpless because he is not well enough to defend himself.   "The worst thing about being sick in America," says a depressed Roy.  "Is that you are booted out of the parade.  Americans have no use for sick.