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Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

Everyday at 4.30pm | Kidzone24

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

Join Andy as he goes back in time to search for the mighty dinosaurs that once roamed our planet!

Each adventure begins with Andy at work in a local museum with his sidekick, dinosaur expert Hatty.

Using his time-travelling clock, Andy goes on pre-historic adventures with dinosaurs, returning with whatever's needed for the museum! 

Andy meets baby diplodocus; takes to the skies on the back of a pterosaur; and finds himself jaw-to-jaw with a T-Rex! Don't miss the eye-popping adventures!

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures plays everyday at 8.25am, 5.25pm, 11.25pm & 2.25am.

A short Q&A with Andy:

What's your favourite dinosaur and why?
My favourite dinosaurs are the stegosaurus because I love the cool plates on their back and ornitheceirus simply because they were huge and could fly.

If you were a dinosaur, which one would you be?
I'd be a diplodocus as I would want to be really tall and long and a friendly plant eater.

What's the craziest thing that has happened to you on a dinosaur adventure?
Getting chased by a dinosaur when looking in the water for ammonites, some dinosaurs could swim!

What's the best part about working in a museum?
Working with Hatty because she is a total expert on dinosaurs.
What's the most interesting fact you've heard about dinosaurs?
Stegosaurus plates would change colour as a way of warning off other dinosaurs.

When did you first become interested in dinosaurs?
When I was 4 and I had all the dinosaur toys.

October is International Dinosaur Month, how will you be celebrating?
I will probably go back and time and celebrate with the dinosaurs.