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Team NZ fighting America's Cup rule change (1:46)

Twelve days out from its scheduled start and the Americas Cup could be heading to the supreme court instead of the start line.

Source: ONE Sport

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Will NZ drop out of the America’s Cup? (0:44)

31 Mar 15 | 00:00:44

America’s Cup teams will have to make a decision about whether to agree to rule changes.

Source: ONE News

Team NZ's America's Cup under threat (5:07)

31 Mar 15 | 00:05:07

Sailing Commentator Peter Lester comments on a decision that could decide whether the team participates at all.

Source: Breakfast

Deadline looms for Team NZ's cup campaign (0:39)

31 Mar 15 | 00:00:39

Team New Zealand's participation in the next America's Cup is under serious threat, according to commentator Peter Lester.

Source: Breakfast

Grant Dalton: We absolutely need Auckland as a qualifier (0:59)

27 Mar 15 | 00:00:59

Auckland has missed out on a America's Cup qualifying regatta in early 2017.

Source: Emirates Team NZ