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The Vampire Diaries.

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Series 6, Episode 12 Prayer For The Dying 30 Jan 15 00:40:28

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Team NZ fighting America's Cup rule change (1:46)

Twelve days out from its scheduled start and the Americas Cup could be heading to the supreme court instead of the start line.

Source: ONE Sport

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Bermuda’s Cup? (2:06)

03 Dec 14 | 00:02:06

We look at just how good Bermuda will be for the America’s Cup.

Source: Seven Sharp

Team New Zealand trying to get a jump on the opposition (3:10)

03 Dec 14 | 00:03:10

Team New Zealand have been working hard to keep ahead of the opponents for the next America's Cup

Source: ONE Sport

New destination for the America’s Cup? (4:20)

03 Dec 14 | 00:04:20

The America's Cup may be sailing away to a subtropical playground for the wealthy.

Source: ONE News

Auckland to host sailing event ahead of America’s Cup? (3:49)

03 Dec 14 | 00:03:49

There’s a possibility a major regatta could be held in Auckland in the run-up to the main event in Bermuda. 

Source: ONE News