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Saturday March 31 - From 11 to 10

Many people may say American Idol is completely predictable, but last night's shocking results show was anything but. After being even more drawn out that normal, mainly due to the performances by the previous night's mentors, Lulu and Peter Noone, it was then announced that there was no bottom three! Yes that's right, no bottom three, instead they had a bottom two this early into the competition.
I would have been more shocked about the concept of the bottom two (I mean seriously a bottom two when there are 11 finalists!?) if I hadn't been shocked about who the bottom two were, two of my favourites Chris Richardson and Stephanie Edwards. I had mentioned yesterday that Stephanie had an off night, but there was no way she deserved to leave. And Chris had had his performance of the season to date and also didn't deserve to go.
Either way I wasn't happy about who was leaving tonight and neither Stephanie or Chris deserved to be in the bottom two let alone leaving the show. But unlucky for Stephanie she was the one sent packing. And I contribute Chris' survival to my constant voting the night before, hopefully he can really bring it next week and show everyone how awesome I think he is!
Next week's theme is... actually I'm not sure on the theme! But Gwen Stefani will be coaching the contestants and performing on the results show on Saturday night. Now there's a pop star that they can all learn a thing or two from!

Friday March 30 - The Top 11 perform

Being an American pop music fan through and through I had low expectations for British invasion night. And what a strange theme to choose, Country and Diana Ross seemed like great themes in comparison. But I was pleasantly surprised at how great the songs were, and best of all most of the contestants decided it was time to bring it to make up for last week's mainly dismal performances.
My two favourite male peformers - Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis showed everyone that a guy can win this thing! Chris chose a boring song, but showcased his voice and banished all boy band comparisons. Blake was also fantastic singing 'Time of the Season'. He sang in great pitch and with emotion and even Simon admitted that he picked the right song.
The three girls to beat; Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones and Jordin Sparks, were also on top form again. Jordin was made over with straight hair that looked fantastic and she gave a great performance of Shirley Bassey's 'I Who Have Nothing', Randy commenting that she was "one of the best of the night". LaKisha showed off her powerful voice on 'Diamonds are Forever' and although Randy and Paula loved her, Simon thought her performance was too old. Melinda was great as always with the ballad 'As Long As He Needs Me' with Simon using the word "spectacular"!
The real star of the night though was seen mainly during Sanjaya's performance, a young girl who was sobbing with joy during his entire performance. And although Sanjaya was terrible yet again, we saw more of this little girl than we did of him! This did remind me of what American Idol is all about, making dreams come true!
The rest of the contestants were pretty average. Stephanie Edwards and Gina Glocksen both had bad nights, but they're both talented and I hope they make it through to next week. Haley Scarnato is slowly improving, but is in a different league to the other girls. Phil Stacey and Chris Sligh also didn't give their best performances, but I think they'll both make it to sing for another week.
For the bottom three I'm picking Sanjaya, Gina and Stephanie with hopefully Sanjaya going home. Please America, let there be justice this week!

Saturday March 24 - From 12 to 11

After last night's dismal Top 12 show I'd been pondering all day over who should be leaving the show. Should it be Brandon who'd forgotten the words to the classic song 'Can't Hurry Love'? Or Haley who had also forgotten her words and sounded, well plain. Or Chris Sligh who gave a truly horrendous re-arranged version of 'Endless Love', a version so bad that Randy compared it to Coldplay! But after much thought I decided that surely it was going to be Sanjaya, who had given dreadful performances for four consecutive weeks.
When Ryan announced the first contestant in the bottom three was Brandon no one looked surprised, not even Brandon himself! The second bottom three finisher was a shocker though - Phil Stacey. Phil hadn't given his best performance last night with 'I'm Going to Make You Love Me' but there were many other contestants who had done worse. When the final slot came down to Haley and Sanjaya I was torn as I was certain that they were both going to be there! Haley was safe and Sanjaya was the third contestant of the bottom three.
Rightly so, Phil was the contestant that was sent back to safety. Who was going home? Is it Brandon? No, surely if there is any justice in the world it's Sanjaya. But alas, it's Brandon. And he doesn't even look surprised! I never thought Brandon fully lived up to his potential and unfortunately he won't be around anymore to prove how good he really is.

Friday March 23 - The Top 12 perform

Wow it's finally here! The big American Idol stage, the top 12 contestants, the guest coaches and the theme weeks! Love it! And I couldn't think of a better guest coach to kick it off than the legendary Diana Ross who had multitudes of hit songs with the Supremes. Okay, well maybe Kelly Clarkson would have been better but Diana Ross is pretty awesome!
The Diana Ross theme was ideal for three of the best female singers in the competition - LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks. Although I found Melinda's song choice boring, her performance was spectacular! It even drew Paula to tears, her first emotional breakdown, usually Paula only gets this emotional from the top six onwards! In between tears Paula told Melinda "You're feeling so much joy, I'm so excited for you". LaKisha gave another great performance with 'God Bless the Child', Randy saying she was 'sensational' and that her vocal was incredible.
Jordin Sparks made me forget she was 17 with her performance of 'If We Hold On Together'. Proving that she's more Paris Bennett (fabulous) than Diana DeGarmo (annoying) Jordin really shined singing 'If We Hold On Together'. There were better songs that she could have chosen but she sounded amazing with Randy saying "it's a three girl race", putting her in the same league as LaKisha and Melinda.
But that was where the fabulous part of the top 12 ended. My favourite guy, Chris Richardson, gave a cruise ship worthy version of 'The Boss' as did Gina Glocksen with 'Love Child'. Sanjaya Malakar sounded terrible singing 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', with Paula commenting that he is the "sweetest soul". Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh tried to change the arrangements of their songs - and failed. Sorry guys, not everyone can change an arrangement to fit their voice and style like Chris Daughtry did during season five. Although these performances were disappointing at least they remembered all the words, unlike Brandon Rogers and Haley Scarnato who both forgot theirs!
Stephanie Edwards and Phil Stacey both had above average performances but were nothing special. So I'm picking Sanjaya, Haley and Brandon for the bottom three and predict that Sanjaya will be sent packing.