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Idol Girl counts down from 24 to 12

Sunday March 18 - 16 become the top 12

I really feel for four of tonight's contestants who are about to have ther dreams shattered. They're so close to reaching the elusive American Idol top 12, so close to that famous big American Idol stage and to securing a record contract. But their aspirations of becoming a singer are going to come crashing down. If there's a time that you want to be cut from the show, this is not the time...
And boy was I wrong with my predictions! The first guy to get cut was... Jared! How could this be? There were other male singers that were not nearly as good as Jared. The other guy to get cut was Sundance and no real surprise there. The best we had seen Sundance was in his audition and ever since Hollywood week on he seemed to lose his good voice to nerves.
Also not surprisingly, Antonella was the first girl to be cut and I was pleased that we've all been put out of our misery! When Haley and Sabrina where the final two girls I was certain that America and I were on the same page, that Haley, although looking stunning and a lot like Katharine McPhee, would be sent home. But how wrong I was, beautiful and talented Sabrina was the one shown the door.
With two of my favourites being cut Carrie Underwood's fantastic performance of 'Wasted' did cheer me up slighty. And I don't think Haley or Sanjaya will make it far in the top 12. My bad mood didn't last too long however as it was announced that next week's top 12 show would be a Diana Ross theme with Diana Ross herself coaching the contestants! Awesomeness!

Saturday March 17 - Top eight girls

As one of the judges has commented, when the girls perform it really is a different competition. After the guys performed I was struggling to choose six singers who deserve to be in the top 12. After the girls sang their hearts out on Saturday night I was having trouble deciding who I wanted to go home.
Well, almost. Although she was really endearing during her audition and during Hollywood week, for the past three weeks Antonella Barba has proved that she is the weakest link of all the girls. Singing a song I really don't like, 'Go Put Your Records On' Antonella was pitchy and out of tune. And you know you're bad when Paula Abdul doesn't say anything nice about you, as she commented "you have to watch your bottom notes".
Of the seven remaining girls there are five who must make the top 12; Jordin Sparks, Sabrina Sloan, Stephanie Edwards, Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle. They are all powerhouse vocalists, although Sabrina and Stephanie weren't as good tnight as they have been previously. And I voted numerously for all of them!
So out of Haley Scarnato and Gina Glocksen who will make it to the top 12? They've both shown they can sing over the course of the show so far, even though they're in a different league to my top five. I'd like to see Gina make it, she's auditioned for Idol before and never made it to the top 12. And with a bit more practise, and more singing and less shouting, she could really improve.
Results coming tomorrow night where the top 12 will be revealed. And the most exciting guest performance so far - everyones favourite season four country superstar... Carrie Underwood! And I'm hoping she's singing her new single 'Wasted', it's awesome. 

Friday March 16 - Top eight boys

The pressure is building for the eight remaining guys. With the judges, and most of America, saying the girls are way better, there's only one thing they need to do - prove everyone wrong. But did the guys bring it this week? Uh, no...
There are only four guys that I think deserve to go through to the top 12 after their performances on Friday night. I lked Jared Cotter's performance of 'If You Really Love Me', despite Elliott Yamin doing a much better version at this time last year (oh and speaking of Eliott Yamin his debut album is out soon). He's got a nice voice, nice tone and deserves to be around for another week. I voted for him (well okay along with two other people), so if he's not in the top 12 I won't be happy.
I also like Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis, who sang 'Tonight I Wanna Cry' by Keith Urban and 'All Mixed Up' by 311 respectively. They don't have the strongest voices in the competition (although with the guys the competition's not that tough) but they're both unique and I could see myself buying either of their CDs. And if they work hard enough I could see them really transforming in the top 12 like so many guys have (like Clay Aiken and Elliott Yamin). The fourth guy who deserves to be in the top 12 is Phil Stacey. I've never been a fan of his before but he surprised me with his version of LeAnn Rimes' 'I Need You'. He may look strange but he does have a great voice and if he makes it to the top 12 I think he'd be one to watch.
The other four guys - Sanjaya Malakar, Brandon Richards, Sundance Head and Chris Sligh weren't good enough to me to make the top 12. Especially Sanjaya who did a dreadful version of John Mayer's hit 'Waiting for the World to Change', so bad that I had to turn down the volume on the TV! And even Simon commented on his straight layered hair style which was as bad as his singing.
Although I think there should be a top 12 with more girls than guys, I do have a soft spot for Brandon and Chris S as they have given great performances before the top 24. And Brandon was a backup singer for Christina Aguilera which is pretty darn cool to me! So I'd like to see Sanjaya and Sundance shown the door on Sunday night. I hope I'm right!

Sunday March 11 - 20 become 16

It's that time of the week again - results night. When I start to get incredibly nervous and wonder if my non stop voting was enough to save my favourite contestants. And unfortunately it was one of those nights it wasn't!
In the first surprising exit of the season AJ Tabaldo, who Simon called "nearly very good" on Friday night was sent home, to the surprise of the judges and the audience. I'd voted for AJ, but not enough people had as he was one of the four that night to be sent packing. The others weren't much of a surprise. Nick Pedro gave an alright but boring performance of an over done song, Fever, and was the other guy going home.
Compared to the other girls Leslie Hunt and Alaina Alexander weren't good enough, although I had predicted that Antonella would be the one going, not Alaina. The standout moment of the night was when poor Alaina was too choked up to get through her song. I think it was an American Idol first when Alaina flubbed the first couple of lines and then the remaining girls ran on stage to comfort her after she couldn't get any words out.
The competition is heating up and the girls are still miles ahead of the guys. I can't wait until next week to see if the guys can catch up!

Saturday March 10 - Top 10 girls

Despite the boys improving 100%, tonight several of the girls proved that they are here to win American Idol!
Early on favourite Melinda Doolittle continued to wow the judges. Singing 'Stay Little Valentine' she showed power and emotion with Randy praising her performance saying "You're the one to beat... best vocal tonight". LaKisha also gave another great performance, this week singing 'Midnight Train to Georgia' which Paris Bennett took on last year. Like Paris, LaKisha put her own spin on a classic.
The other three girls to beat; Jordin Sparks, Stephanie Edwards and Sabrina Sloan also gave good performances. I especialy liked Jordin's performance of 'Reflection' which season five's Ayla Brown performed last year. Jordin connected with the song so much that she was drawn to tears at the end of her performance and although she was off in parts of the song the emotion she displayed made up for it.
Another girl I like who isn't quite up to same standard of my top five is Gina Glocksen. She always shows personality even if she doesn't sound the best. Although I was initially shocked that she dare take on Heart's 'Alone', the performance of Carrie Underwood where Simon declared her the winner, she did a good version. But not as good as the former American Idol champ Carrie, who returns to American Idol to perform next week.
Of the four remaining girls; Antonella Barba, Alaina Alexander, Leslie Hunt and Hayley Scarnato, none of them stood out and the other girls were in a different league. I think Antonella and Leslie were the worst so they're my picks for the two girls that are going home tomorrow.

Friday March 9 - Top 10 boys

Tonight's episode of the top 10 guys performing reminded me of something the lovely Paula Abdul often says when she doesn't want to insult someone - "you were much better than last week". Although most of the top 10 guys incredibly improved over their previous performances, this wasn't dificult as last week most of them were really disappointing!

Chris Sligh gave a great performance of 'Trouble', with Simon praising him and calling him a "very good singer". I still don't think we've seen the best yet from Chris Sligh. AJ Tabaldo was also really good, although I think he could have picked a better song. I also thought Jared Cotter's version of 'Let's Get it On' was good, but was a bit puzzled about him dedicating the song to his father! Brandon Rogers and Sundance Head were also 'better than last week' but still didn't blow me away.

Unfortunately two of the contestants who didn't improve were two of my favourites - Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson. Blake did an uptempo song by Jamiroquai but went back to his old ways, breaking out into beat boxing in the middle of the song! C'mon Blake this is a singing contest! Apart from the beat boxing I liked his version of 'Virtual Insanity', but Simon wasn't impressed saying he "didn't see any orginality". Chris Richardson was good, but not great but he's still my favourite of the guys.

Another contestant who was disappointing was Sanjaya Malakar. We saw a lot of him during the auditions and during Hollywood week, but since he made it to the top 24 he seems to have lost all confidence and lost his great voice!

I found Phil Stacey and Nick Pedro to be forgettable and they're my picks for who's going home on Sunday along with Sanjaya. After average performances from the boys I'm ready for some real talent - bring on the girls tomorrow night!

Sunday March 4 - Top 24 become 20

The first results show of the season can often be unpredictable, but season sixs first results show was anything but!

The two girls sent packing were Amy Krebs and Nicole Tranquillo who were both forgettable. I only remember Amy because Simon said she has the personality of a candle! And this cruel insult obviously didnt even get her enough sympathy votes. She sang a great song I Cant Make You Love Me which other Idol contestants can sing, I think Kimberley Locke from season two sang it best, but was just boring. And Nicole was so forgettable I had to look up what song she sang (for those who are interested it was Stay by Chaka Khan)! In saying Amy and Nicole deserved to go I also think it could have been Leslie or Antonella. They really need to step up if they plan on making the top 12. Or even the top 16.

And no surprises with the male contestants with the lowest number of votes either, although there were about six guys that could have gone home. Paul Kim, who wanted to prove that Asian-Americans can sing, didnt deliver on Friday night with the song Careless Whispers. I thought it was funny that after declaring that he was never going to wear shoes on stage (random fact Kelly Clarkson often performs barefoot) that he sold out and wore shoes on the night he was eliminated! And the little girl vote that must have gone to Sanjaya, wasnt enough to save Rudy Cardenas. Singing Free Ride Rudy gave a pretty flat performance and although arguably he wasnt the worst of the guys, the public didnt like him enough to get him to stick around for another week.

With the guys performances being pretty dismal the boy/girl showdown continues to grow next week and guys will have to step it up big time to try and out shine the girls. 

Saturday March 3 - Top 12 boys

American Idol is back! After a lacklustre episode last night with the top 12 guys, the girls showed everyone how American Idol should be. Great, raw talent on display! They were so good that they made the judges think the top 12 should have more girls than guys this year. And while we're talking about awesome Idol females I must mention how great it is that Idol alum Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar earlier this week, congrats Jennifer!

But going back to the top 12 girls, the standout of the evening was LaKisha Jones who tackled the diva-esque song, 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going'. Yes that's right, the song that played a big part in Jennifer Hudson's Oscar win on Monday. LaKisha belted out the song with passion and told America that, well, she's not going! She was so good that Simon commented, "I'm very tempted to say to 23 people, 'Book your plane ticket home".

I also still adore Melinda Doolittle. She sang Aretha Franklin's 'Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)' and has such an amazing voice that I can't believe she was ever a backup singer. I'd love to know who she sang backup for... And although Sabrina Sloane wasn't as good as Aretha singing 'I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)' she did make the song her own. 

Stephanie Edwards and Jordin Sparks both sang more contemporary songs. Stephanie sang 'How Come You Don't Call Me?' by Alicia Keys and Jordin sang 'Give Me One Reason' by Tracey Chapman and they both showed they had pipes.  I also liked season five reject Gina Glocksen and thought Haley Scarnato was okay, I'd like to see her get further.

 So whos going home then? I hope it's Antonella Barba, Amy Krebs, Leslie Hunt, Nicole Tranquillo.

Friday March 2 - Top 12 boys

Right, we're finally getting to my favourite part of the competition and inching closer to finding our top 12. And having disagreed with some of the judges picks for the top 24 I can't wait to start voting myself.

But my excitement was short lived as the guys were pretty disappointing as most of them didn't sing that well and chose really old, boring songs. I've been a fan of Chris Sligh's from the start and really enjoyed the song he sang, but he wasn't as good as he usually is. Even the sugary sweet Paula admitted that he was singing ahead of the chorus

A few who did surprise me were the other Chris - Chris Richardson - and beat boxing Blake Lewis minus the beatboxing. Chris Richardson sang Gavin DeGraw's 'I Don't Wanna Be' really well and he reminds me of Justin Timberlake crossed with Elliott Yamin, which is a great combination! Blake sang the only Keane song I like 'Somewhere Only We Know' and sounded better than Keane! Well I thought so, but Simon said it was "not the best vocal", but admitted that he was the only contestant to sound like he was in the year 2007.
All of the rest of the guys were pretty forgettable, including early frontrunner Sundance Head. Randy didn't think he was on pitch and Simon said he's "gone right off since we first saw you". I also still like Brandon Rogers, who sounded okay on 'Rock the Night Away' but was nothing special.
I still think Sundance and Brandon are good enough to be safe though, unlike the rest of the guys. My predictions of who's going home is out of Sanjaya Malakar, Nick Pedro, Paul Kim and Rudy Cardenas. And who did I vote for? The two Chris' and Blake. Tomorrow night is the girls, let's hope they outperform the guys.