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Amazing Extraordinary Friends


Season three, episode 5: Jack O'Lantern

The AEF battle they're sweetist villain yet when Jack O'Lantern emerges from the rubble of the Applegate Chocolate factory.

Jasper Applegate turns into Jack O'Lantern when his factory is destroyed by his Chocolator, a machine that turns everyday objects into chocolate. Jasper blames the AEF on the malfunction and is determined to destroy them and City Central by turning everyone and everything into chocolate.

The AEF must stop Jasper in time to make it to the City Central Polytechnic's Halloween dance. Ben's relationship with the beautiful exchange student Wendy Choo becomes more serious - much to Vicki Van Hortons displeasure.

Writers - Kathryn Burnett & Stephen Campbell
Director - Simon Raby
Producer - Matt McPhail