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Alesha: Look But Don't Touch

Friday 7.30pm | TV ONE

About the show

Friday at 7.30pm

'Strictly Come Dancing' winning sensation Alesha Dixon is on a timely mission. Concerned about the increasing pressure on women to conform to an ideal body type, she wants to get to the bottom of the airbrushing and retouching that's become a staple of magazine photos. Passionate and opinionated, Alesha's keen to discover what effect these images have on women: are they simply celebrations of the female form, or do they make harmful, unrealistic demands on women and society?
Alesha's journey uncovers the secrets behind the media's obsession with feminine perfection. Scarcely any of the models and celebrities adorning the pages of glossy magazines are free from digital manipulation. So Alesha sets herself the task of appearing on a front cover with her own body beautiful untouched - will she be able to persuade a magazine editor to buck the trend by going for Alesha au naturel?

Throughout her quest, Alesha meets women with amazing stories and insights. She sits in on 18-year-old Ellie's boob job, part of a plan to look like Victoria Beckham. Nicola reveals she's so unhappy with her body image that she's never even shown her bum to her fiancé. Her solution? A photoshoot with retouching. Outspoken fashion mag insider Liz Jones blasts the industry's preference for "vacuous and vacant" retouched cover stars.

And celebrity mate Cheryl Cole expresses her dismay at celebs who are subjected to ridiculous retouching and then get botox in an attempt to match up to the false images.

Compelling, humorous and insightful, this film sees Alesha Dixon seize the opportunity to show women that beauty can be natural and isn't about trying to achieve impossible, fantasy ideals.