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Agent Anna


Agent Anna's a winner!

Meet Agent Anna

She might not be a winner at the real estate game, but Agent Anna has proved herself a hit for TV ONE!

New Zealand audiences have been won over by Anna’s hapless charm with more than 1.2 million Kiwis having tuned in to Agent Anna so far this series, and on average more than 400,000 viewers watching each episode. 

TVNZ Commissioner of Drama and Comedy, Kathleen Anderson says, “We’re thrilled the audience is enjoying Agent Anna. We also know it just keeps getting better, so we think the viewers are in for a real treat.”

Agent Anna Producer, Rachel Gardner says, "We set out to make a comedy that all Kiwis would relate to and find funny. We wanted to create characters that have a little bit of something that everyone can identify with in some way. We're proud of the show and are thrilled the audience is giving it the thumbs up. It’s in a large part thanks to the talents of the writing team, Vanessa Alexander and Maxine Fleming, that we've achieved what we have - and the stellar cast headed by Robyn Malcolm."

Jeff Latch, Head of TV ONE and TV2 is delighted with the ratings success and agrees it can be attributed to those involved in making the series.

“It’s fantastic to see a primetime local comedy series resonate with the New Zealand audience. Thanks to NZ On Air’s support, commissioning, programming and the fantastic team at Great Southern Film and Television for delivering a superb series,” he says.

Don't miss the next episode of Agent Anna, Thursday at 8.30pm on TV ONE.