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Agent Anna


Anna's tips for getting into real estate

Considering a career change? Desperate for a new start? A career in real estate might be for you.

There are many hurdles for new estate agents and Anna Kingston shares her tips for those looking to get into the industry.

- Utilise your  existing connections to source potential clients

- Promote your brand

Make sure to advertise yourself and your new career. Treat everyone you meet as a future client. 

- Always be presentable

Just like the house you're selling, first impressions count. Make sure you are always looking your best when meeting clients or potential buyers. Sloppy clothes, messy hair or makeup or running shoes are a big no-no!

- Get yourself a mentor

If you’re new to the industry, seek out guidance from your fellow estate agents. They are sure to offer helpful advice on attracting new listings and dealing with clients.

- Keep it professional

While using your existing networks to source potential clients is a great tool, once you’ve got them on board it’s important to keep your relationship strictly professional. 

Avoid getting overly familiar with clients which could create an awkward situation when it comes time to sign on the dotted line.

Some clients may need more help with the buying or selling process. It’s fine to guide them through the process but avoid hand holding them all the way, otherwise you could find yourself with more on our plate that you bargained for.

- Lastly, smile!

You might be frustrated when a sale falls through or when a listing fails to take off.  However bad it gets, remember things can only get better. Right?