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Agent Anna


Robyn Malcolm joins TV ONE in Agent Anna

Robyn Malcolm plays Agent Anna on TV ONE

Robyn Malcolm ventures into real estate in her brand new series Agent Anna.

She stars as Anna Kingston, a down-on-her-luck mum, whos forced to turn to real estate after her husband declares bankruptcy and flees country, leaving Anna alone to raise their two teenage daughters.

The new TV ONE comedy series squarely takes aim at one of New Zealands biggest obsessions selling houses.

I have always felt that real estate would be an interesting profession to centre some drama around, says Malcolm. In New Zealand we are obsessed with real estate.

The show plays with the unfavourable stereotypes of real estate agents with Malcolms character Anna forced to compete with her unscrupulous colleagues

The concept for Agent Anna is one very close to Malcolms heart, having developed and pitched the original idea for the show herself.

Malcolm explains that she was interested to see what happens when a nice middle class Mum is forced into the world of sharks and commissions and deals.

Its a far cry from her most popular role as feisty Westie mum, Cheryl and her new role as Anna gave Malcolm the opportunity to play a completely different type of woman.

Anna (my character) was built on the idea that I wanted to play someone who had no hint of hero about her at all.

I also loved the idea of her being a bit of a useless mother too...We love mother/heroes&they are saints or lionesss. What about the ones who arent that good?

Malcolm says she enjoyed the experience of playing Anna as well as being involved in developing a TV show for the first time.

The shoot was fast, furious, on the fly, fluey and sleep deprived so God Knows who Anna is, I cant really remember& But I had so so much fun being her.

Agent Anna premieres Thursday 31 January on TV ONE.