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The Vampire Diaries - Express from the US

Series 5, Episode 18 Resident Evil 19 Apr 14 00:40:38

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Agent Anna


Neil (played by Ian Mune)

Ian Mune plays Neil - Agent Anna on TV ONE

Neil Dryden, early seventies, is Anna’s dad and Jeanette’s long-suffering husband. 

A retired builder, Neil’s worked hard all his life to provide for his family and meet Jeanette’s ambitious demands. 

Neil’s all about keeping the peace which means he tries to avoid getting involved in any family dynamics. 

When sparks fly between mother and daughter, Neil tends to head for the hills – or the garden.  But even there, he’s not safe.  Put up and shut up, that’s Neil’s motto. It’s the only way he can cope. 

Neil is played by Ian Mune