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Agent Anna


Clint (Roy Billing)

Agent Anna on TV ONE and TVNZ Ondemand

Clint Walker knows the ropes - he's been selling real estate for years.

Clint is Anna's boss, he owns Eden Realty and he decided to take a chance on rookie Agent Anna because he likes her, he trusts her - and he fancies her. After a drunken one-nighter in Tauranga during a conference, Anna decided it wasn't ethical to sleep with the boss and put the brakes on any further romance, but Clint knows how to play the long game.

He hasn't given up - he's just biding his time.

Clint used to be married to Sandi, who still works for him and their daughter Bree works on reception. Clint likes to keep family close, and he sees his staff as family - well, most of them are. Although he's the boss and likes to bluster, Clint's actually a teddy bear. And
he's lonely. He's been looking for that special someone for a while, and although she may not see it, he's sure Anna is the one. Can he convince her?