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Series 6, Episode 12 Prayer For The Dying 30 Jan 15 00:40:28

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Agent Anna


Agent Anna

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Robyn Malcolm makes her welcome return to the small screen in TV ONE's brand new comedy, Agent Anna.

"When all else fails, you can always sell real estate."

This is something Anna Kingston (Malcolm) once heard, never thinking it could happen to her.  But when Anna's husband runs off to Oz and leaves behind debts and their two daughters, Anna has no other option.

But will Anna sell her soul to succeed in the cut-throat world of real estate?  And what happens when an honest woman finds herself trying to make it in a profession that is anything but?

Starring Roy Billing (The Suspects) as Anna's alpha-male boss, and Theresa Healey ( Go Girls) and Adam Gardiner ( Tangiwai) as her conniving co-workers, Anna is about to learn that perhaps nice guys really do finish last.