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Tuesday at 8.30pm | TV ONE

Africa Facts

Africa on TV ONE and TVNZ Ondemand

Africa is coming to TV ONE.

A mammoth exploration of what makes Africa tick, the animals which live within and the world just out of reach for many of us.

Once again, Sir David Attenborough and his team have spent months filming, editing and pulling together the story of Africa.

This series has been:

- Four years in production

- Seen crew spend 1,598 hours on location, filming

- Spent 905 hours trekking in the jungle

- Filmed over 2,000 hours of footage

- Eight cameras were harmed during the making of Africa

- One camera was chargrilled

- Two cameras were eaten; one by a lion and one by an elephant.

- Three cameras were drowned

- Two helicam cameras crashed

- 6,526 anti-malarial tablets

601 nights spent in tents

79 separate filming expeditions 

27 countries visited

- Just under 50 tonnes of kit carried by crew



Take a tour of Africa 

Take a look at some amazing shots from the hot new TV ONE series, Africa, from David Attenborough.