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Africa Overland

About Tania Shannon

Tania Shannon was probably the least experienced travel-wise of the three - having only ever been to Rarotonga before and in fact although she doesn't live with her parents, three weeks was the longest she'd ever been away from them. 

But the 25 year old Transport Communications Advisor for the Auckland Regional Council decided she needed to get out and see the world before she got serious about her career. 

She had thought that Africa or South America would be good places to start because she was looking for a challenging kind of trip  - "I'm looking for a cultural shock really" she announced in her audition. 

Her friends, she said, "laughed when I told them I wanted to go to Africa.  They pictured me stepping off the plane with loads of suitcases and high heels and being thrown into the mud and generally not coping but I think I'm a lot more resourceful than that".   

Of her expectations of what Africa held Tania said: " I guess I'm expecting it to be quite testing and maybe even a life-changing experience."