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Week 8: results

Congrats to Wairoa College (Liam Brady, Toots Rewi, Sam Mogford) who won against Lincoln High School from Canterbury (Mark Collings, Josh Pamment, Tumama Tuulua), cooking Chops and Mash - try it yourself!

Lincoln High School (Green Team)

Used fresh cutlets and trimmed saturated fat off.
Brushed with sesame oil which added healthier poly and mono -unsaturated fat back.
Served with vegetable kebabs and salad.
Used feta in mash which increased fat and sodium but didn't add anything to the flavour.
Used a dressing of natural yoghurt and cucumber.

Wairoa College (Red Team)

Added bread and herb crust to meat - increased sodium
Used spinach salad which increased folate.
Mango dressing and mandarin in salad increased vitamin A. 
Used kumara mash and added fresh ginger to this - a great taste that is low in sodium and fat.