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Replaces the brightcove player

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Audio description is an optional additional narrative of on-screen visuals, usually inserted between dialogue. The service enables access to TV for blind or vision-impaired people. It is fully funded by NZ On Air.

Which channels is audio description available on?
TV ONE, TV2 and TV ONE plus 1.

Click here for a list of programmes with audio description. 

What do I need to access audio description?
Freeview HD (DTT), Freeview Satellite (DTH), IGLOO or SKY.

When audio description is available, you will hear normal audio plus the audio descriptions. When there is no audio description available, you will hear the normal audio.

Via Freeview
Using your Freeview remote, press menu > system settings > languages > Italian.

Newer Freeview digital receivers may have an Audio Description selection option instead of Italian. 

For Freeview Satellite (DTH) viewers, the digital satellite receiver must be set to Auckland as the location.

Using your IGLOO remote, press Menu > select Settings > Audio > change audio language to Italian > press OK to save the changes

Via legacy/digital decoder SKY
Using your SKY remote, press + button (a banner will show English Audio) > arrow key down > select Italian

Via MySkyHDi
Global setting (to permanently turn on)
Using your SKY remote, press Active > select System Setup > System settings > Audio and language settings > Preferred language > Italian > Save new setting

Current setting (for one programme only)
Using your SKY remote, press setup > select Audio > Italian


Can I record it?

Note: All Freeview-approved televisions, set-top boxes and PVRs can access audio description at the time of live broadcast. Check with your supplier to find out which PVRs can record audio description.

How do I turn off audio description?
Set your audio language back to English.