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Roy Briggs (played by Frankie J Holden)

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Frankie J Holden plays Roy Briggs

Following a long line of ancestors who lived off the land, it was only right that Roy Briggs would be a farmer.

"I've based Roy on my recollections on my uncles because they were true rural Australian characters," actor Frankie J Holden says.

"My mother was born on a farm in Bendemeer, which is in the New England ranges between Tamworth and Armidale. I used to go there a lot as a boy. All my uncles were all great horsemen and I learnt to ride there. They were sheep farmers and they knew all the Banjo Patterson poems, they played guitar and harmonica, and they all wore hats just like Roy does.

"Roy represents the rural Australia more viewers will recognise as opposed to the Blighs. When people think of the 1950s in rural Australia, they would think more of guys like Roy than the landed gentry."

Roy is a rugged, unbreakable man capable of charm, good humour as well as a crusty grumpiness, depending on whether he takes to you or not.

Having lived in the same home his whole life, he established a close relationship with his neighbours and an ongoing pride in his hometown of Inverness. But life has not always been a happy one.

He has been the father of two sons. His wife, with whom he had an up and down relationship, has been dead for some time.

His boys eagerness for adventure took them to war early for their country. Roy could not have been more proud. As his boys always said - they were loyal, respectful and dignified because of one person - their father.

Roy's optimistic outlook on life took a battering with the news that his eldest boy had been shot down over France. The second of Roys sons was gunned down on the Kokoda trail.

As Roy's pain lingered, he turned to his work to escape. Then his wife died. Emotionally, Roy increasingly adopted a cold, intimidating exterior. But his mask of discontent will be disarmed when he meets Sarah Adams. He recognises some of his own pain in her.

A man who deep down loves a laugh, Roy will find solace in Sarah's arrival. With much in common, they are destined to help one another overcome the tragedies of the past.

"At the start of the series, Roy is damaged emotionally which is quite appropriate because Sarah is as well," Frankie says. "In her he finds a kind spirit. And maybe with her friendship, he will return to the fellow he once was."