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A Place To Call Home


Carolyn Bligh

Passionate and free-spirited, Carolyn Bligh has lived comfortably in Sydney's Bohemian society away from stuffy Ash Park. While her friends accept her avant-garde lifestyle, there are those in mainstream society, and even those closer to home, who misinterpret her behaviour.

Season two saw Carolyn basking in the love of her daughter Anna and her lover Jack - the consequence of her choice to tell them both the truth of Anna's parentage. And now, while they're deeply in love, as Carolyn and Jack rekindle their romance, they're also attempting to accommodate each other's worlds.

Her only other concern is Regina's continued presence at Ash Park and what that might mean. Carolyn's attention is diverted when publishing tycoon Sir Richard Parker offers her the chance to write a column in one of his papers.
Carolyn continues her quest to be more of an independent woman - while their relationship will be tested by a bombshell.