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A Place In France

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This series is currently off-air.


About the show

With their wildly contrasting characters and constant bickering, old friends Nigel Farrell and Nippi Singh kept viewers thoroughly entertained as they sought to buy and refurbish a ruined farmhouse in the Ardeche region of southeast France in the first series of A Place In France.

Despite undergoing Herculean trials, the two managed to secure their dream home. So much so that Nigel, seduced by the home, the lifestyle and his beautiful young mortgage broker Celine, decided to start a new life in the house, the starting point for series two.

Unfortunately, Nigel's new life does not get off to the easiest of starts. Recently divorced, and away from his three children, his relationship with Celine is an important part of his life. But with her job keeping her extremely busy, he is left with a lot of solitary time.

Meanwhile, his work as a freelance writer and journalist, is drying up fast. Nigel needs to find a job. Ever the optimist and risk-taker, he comes up with a novel idea. Recalling the popularity of the food that Nippi's family made for their French guests at the housewarming party, he hits upon the idea of opening an Indian restaurant in this sleepy backwater of France.

Not only is there no Indian restaurant in the area, few locals have ever even tasted Indian food. Rightly or wrongly, Nigel believes they want to, and calls Nippi in England to see if he wants to join the venture. Nippi is interested enough to fly out and hear Nigel's ideas. The two of them discuss matters in their inimitably argumentative style, and look at several different possibilities for their restaurant.

The nature of local tourism would suggest that business will be extremely seasonal, and Nigel is convinced that the restaurant should only be open for four months over the summer. But Nippi is concerned about the viability of this arrangement, and returns home to consider his options. Meanwhile, local estate agent Manu advises Nigel to try and emphasise his youthful side to impress Celine, 20 years his junior.

A haircut and a new wardrobe later, Nigel visits an impressed Celine at work. "You look fantastic," she tells him happily. But the news isn't all good. After six weeks of contemplation, Nippi has decided against pursuing Nigel's venture. "I'm completely on my own," laments Nigel.

But Nigel's not come this far only to turn back. His search for a new partner in the venture, an Indian chef, takes him back to London, to a restaurant run by Reza Mohammed. After hearing Nigel's thoughts, Reza tells him: "I think you're absolutely out of your mind... You must be stark, raving mad." Yet against his better judgement, Reza agrees to visit him in France if Nigel finds a suitable venue first. Once again, Nigel is on the hunt for a property, in pursuit of a dream.