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Michele A'Court on Christmas antics

Michele A'Court will be part of the one night only Comedy Christmas Cracker The Work Do - caught up with her  to get some thoughts ahead of the show on November 26th in Auckland.

So the theme of the show is Office Party - what was the best office party you ever attended?
The Gofta Awards in 1987 - not strictly an office party, but it was the most infamous industry end-of-year booze up ever, hosted by Leeza Gibbons dressed in tinfoil. I was possibly the only other sober person present (I was presenting the Award for "Best Children's Programme" and was left, lost and alone backstage). The audience was locked in the room with no food but lashings of champagne as the long, long show (being broadcast live) descended into anarchy. It was my first year working as a television presenter and I remember thinking, "These are my workmates? They're all mad. How cool! This is going to be fun."

And also, what was the worst what happened to define it as the worst one youve ever been at?
I've been self-employed for 18 years now, so each Christmas I throw myself to an office party. I have a streamer and a party-popper. Usually, it's all very pleasant but one year I ended up getting carried away and said the wrong thing to myself and it all got very inappropriate. Couldn't look myself in the eye the next day. And Secret Santa is always a disappointment. On the upside, I always win the toy inside the cracker.

How has 2010 been for you?
A fabulous mix of travelling the country, writing for various magazines, and doing the pub and club gigs along with the more formal corporate work. No two days have been the same, which makes me happy.

Whats been the highlight of the year?
The magazine I write for, Your Weekend, winning a Qantas Media Award in June.

What was the lowlight?
All of us who worked on the magazine losing our jobs a few weeks later. Hey ho. It's a funny old world. Hilarious.

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
Meeting up with all my family in Wellington to watch my tiny niece and nephew open truckloads of presents and then play with the bubble wrap.

What are your hopes and plans for 2011?
More international work and travel - New York, Vancouver and Rarotonga are currently on the list. Australia and Asia are jockeying for position. The goal is to not experience another winter until 2012. So it's either getting on a plane, or hibernating in a cave with a lot of nuts. (The latter is a pretty fair description of August at the Classic comedy club.) Either option will do.