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20/20: Thursday March 29

Published: 4:28PM Thursday March 29, 2012 Source: 20/20

Warzone to Godzone
When a 12-year-old packs an overnight bag, it's normally for a sleepover with mates. So imagine how traumatic it was for the woman in our story who was given an hour to pack up her short life.
Hana and her family were stuck in a warzone and she needed to escape in a hurry. Getting out meant surviving but it also meant being separated from her parents, brothers and sisters.
But there's a happy ending to this story, one which New Zealand had a key role in.
Erin Conroy meets a new breed of kiwis finding refuge in Godzone.

Generation Med
Following a year-long investigation, 20/20 uncovers a startling reality: many American foster children, even as young as three, are being prescribed powerful mind-altering drugs at alarming rates - up to 13 times higher than that of other children.
Young vulnerable children taking multiple meds, but for whose benefit? 20/20 meets some of the lucky ones who have been rescued, and weaned off the medication to reveal happy normal children.

Criminals On Camera
20/20 looks at the most scary, clever, absurd, and hilarious bank robbery videos, with insight and commentary from none other than a former bank robber.

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 - with reporters Emma Keeling, Hannah Ockelford, Erin Conroy and Sonya Wilson. Thursday 9.30pm, TV2