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20/20: Thursday March 1

Published: 11:09AM Monday February 27, 2012 Source: 20/20

Baby Drive
Kids behind the wheel, learning to drive and commitment.
20/20 gets a close up look at the world of Mini Stocks, its a world where families come together through the bug that is speedway racing.
Its a world of spills and thrills, would you let your little boy or girl race?

The Other Women
Most polygamous families dont share their lifestyle with the outside world for fear of prosecution, discrimination and being shunned by their neighbours, and the community - that is, until now.
For the first time, the entire Darger family of Salt Lake City welcomes 20/20 into their polygamous home, risking prosecution to make their case for the right to freely practice their religion.
Joe Darger, 42, has three wives and 24 children. 20/20 interviews Joe and his wives, Alina, Vicki and Val, about their lifestyle, their faith and their decision to talk now.

The Mobdaughter
In the strangely warped world of gangster families, the Gravanos are one of the most notorious - Sammy The Bull Gravano, John Gottis former right hand man, is the legendary hit man turned highest ranking mobster to ever turn informant.
Now his daughter, Karen Gravano, a cast member of the hit show Mobwives, has written a new book, Mobdaughter, about her life growing up Gravano.
She speaks candidly about being the daughter of a man who pulled the trigger or arranged the murder of at least 19 people.

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