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20/20: October 18

Published: 12:01PM Monday October 15, 2012 Source: 20/20

Living in the Red
Two families - one in the North one in the South - living in the red. Two families desperate to do the best for their kids, 20/20 follows them as they try to get a head and keep their families together. No politicians, no experts just real people trapped by poverty and struggling day to day to get by.

After School
Deborah Roberts a wife, mother of three, and teacher is currently serving a five year prison sentence for inappropriate behaviour with five of her students. 20/20 talks exclusively with her from jail, and she's crying foul. She says as all the students were over the age of 18, she is in fact the victim in this case. We also hear from her husband who is left looking after the kids while his wife does her time.

Too Far?
When is a prank not a prank, school pranks are nothing new but it seems they're being taken to the limit. The Bomb Squad empties a school, and an A grade student gets a possible jail sentence.

The best of New Zealand and international current affairs - 20/20 - with reporters Emma Keeling, Hannah Ockelford, Erin Conroy and Sonya Wilson.