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20/20: November 1

Published: 9:44AM Monday October 29, 2012 Source: 20/20

  • Dr Jared Noel is 31 years old and has terminal bowel cancer. (Source: 20/20)
    Dr Jared Noel is 31 years old and has terminal bowel cancer. - Source: 20/20
  • Sonya Wilson (Source: 20/20)
    Sonya Wilson - Source: 20/20
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Living With Dying
He works every day to save lives, not knowing how long he has to live. Dr Jared Noel is 31-years-old and has terminal bowel cancer. He appeared on 20/20 last year with Claire Wilson who died not long after the story went to air. After that you wouldn't have blamed Jared for just wanting to run away and enjoy his final months with his wife on a tropical island. But instead, he wants to keep working; treating those who're healthier than him.
Emma Keeling and the doctor who's living with dying.

Raising Bowel Cancer Awareness
Dr Jared Noel was just 27 when he found out he had bowel cancer and both Jared and Claire Wilson wanted to share their stories in order to raise awareness of the disease. Watch their 2011 appearance on 20/20 here.  It's the second biggest cause of cancer deaths in New Zealand but in most cases bowel cancer can be cured - if it is caught early. For more information click here.

Ken Doll
In the search for perfection, are people going too far? Meet Justin Jedlica, who calls himself the 21st century Ken doll, has had over 90 procedures and never wants to stop; and Lacey Wildd, the woman with the seventh largest breasts in the world. She supports her kids with her paid public appearances and has had to have a special system built into her body to support her triple L cup size.

On Reflection
In a world obsessed with image, Kjerstin Gruys has decided to avoid looking into the mirror not for a day, not for a month, but for an entire year. Six months before her wedding, in an attempt to avoid fixating on perfect, Kjerstin launched her project, A Year Without Mirrors.

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