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The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler teamed up with Drew Barrymore for this 80s-set comedy, one of Sandler's best regarded films.

Sandler plays Robbie Hart, the titular vocalist who at one point had rock star dreams but now churns out covers, albeit with charm and enthusiasm.

But when Robbie's fiancée stands him up at his own wedding he spirals into depression, which makes his next few gigs quite amusing (for the viewers, not the wedding party).

But Robbie refocuses his energy when he meets fellow wedding perennial Julia (Barrymore), a catering company worker. Robbie helps Julia prepare for her impending marriage to Glenn, ahem, Guglia (Matthew Glave, decked out like a Miami Vice era Don Johnson). But then he, (do I even need to say it?) falls in love with her.

Released in 1998, The Wedding Singer was perfectly timed to coincide with the then-booming (I guess it's still booming really) 80s nostalgia craze. It's also one of Sandler's sweetest (and therefore more accessible) films, and had him playing an actual functioning adult for one of the first times. But at the same time it doesn't ever really betray its Adam Sandler-ness.

Barrymore absolutely shines as the sweet-as-a-button Julia, and her and Sandler share a tangible chemistry. They re-teamed to even greater (financial, if not critical) success for 2004's 50 First Dates.

Along with The Waterboy (which was released the same year), the success of The Wedding Singer propelled Adam Sandler from cultish star of minor hits like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore to the stratospheric heights of superstar success he currently enjoys.

Alexis Arquette (David, Roseanne and Patricia's brother) is amusing as Robbie's Boy George-lookalike keyboard player and Steve Buscemi has a hilarious cameo (he pops up in heaps of Sandler films) as a drunk best man at a wedding.

Oh, and there's a rapping granny too. But let's not talk about that.