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Up In The Air: DVD Review

Up In The Air

Released by Universal Home Entertainment
Rating: M

George Clooney stars as Ryan Bingham, a corporate gun for hire who is called in when the bosses are too cowardly to cut loose their staff.

Bingham spends 100% of his life in the air and on the way to one sacking after another - and he's happy with it his non-committal lifestyle, living out of a suitcase and out of emotional harm's way.

So when his boss (Jason Bateman) brings in Natalie Keener (Twilight's Anna Kendrick), he's appalled to discover her solution is to ground the staff who do the sacking and get them to do it via webcams.

However, Ryan becomes determined to show her a little something about life and takes her across America so she can see how it's done - and how he does it differently.

Up In The Air wears its heart on its sleeve - if you're fairly film savvy, you may see some of the twists coming; however, even if you're a film cynic, there is still plenty to enjoy with the snappy dialogue and smart humour.

Extras: Deleted scenes, commentary and a few others make up this package

Rating: 7/10