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The Trip: Blu Ray Review

The Trip

Rating: M
Released by Madman

Simply brilliant,this two handed comedy road trip piece stars the denizens of UK comedy Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan as accentuated versions of themselves.

Coogan enlists Brydon to come along and be his partner while he reviews some of the UK's finest restuarants in the North of the country. But with Coogan's fragile ego and his desperate attempt to claw into the major leagues of Hollywood,he soon finds that Brydon's incessant (and spot on impressions) bring out his insecurities and self loathing,causing him to clash at his long term friend.

Very few words can do this film justice-it's sparkingly funny,subtly played and stunningly shot by Michael Winterbottom; there's laugh out loud moments and while Brydon and Coogan are spot on in their insouciant squabbling,it's clear the audience are the winners in this film because I guarantee you won't be more entertained in the 2 hours that plays out in front of your eyes.See this film and then seek out the series on which it's based.

Marvellous work.

Extras: Deleted scenes, trailer and featurette

Rating: 8/10