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Thor: Blu Ray Review


Thor Blu Ray

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Ent

So the Marvel universe continues its cinematic attempts to take over - this time with some help from a buffed up dude from Home and Away and a guy more likely to be known for Shakespeare.
Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, a Norse god, who on the eve of his coronation as king is banished to Earth from Asgard by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) after he instigates an attack on the Frost Giants, a race with whom the Asgardians have been living in peace for years.

Dumped in New Mexico, Thor's found by Natalie Portman's scientist Jane Foster. Convinced he needs to return to Asgard, Thor attempts to regain his mythic hammer (the source of his power) from a SHIELD facility. But when he finds his powers have deserted him, Thor resigns himself to a life on earth.

However, back in Asgard, political machinations are afoot and Thor's brother Loki (a brilliantly reptilian Tom Hiddleston) moves on the throne, prompting Thor's friends to try and bring him back....

Spectacularly epic, utterly engrossing and surprisingly funny, Thor is perhaps one of the best blockbusters in a while. Mixing Shakespearean motifs such as family betrayal, mistrust and revenge, it's clear to see why Kenneth Branagh was attracted to this.

Hemsworth impresses as the petulantly arrogant god and Hopkins is suitably majestic as the regal Odin; each injecting their characters with the humanity and hubris needed of gods. Equally impressive is Hiddleston who brings the requisite element of mistrust to Loki that you're never quite sure whose side he's actually on - or what his motives truly are.

If there's to be a small quibble, it's that Portman and her team of scientists are a little underdeveloped - and the wonderful Kat Dennings is sidelined as simply comic relief.
Thor's a great intro to the character ahead of the release of next year's Avengers.

Extras: Commentary by Branagh, deleted scenes, featurettes - a fair bunch

Rating: 8/10