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Storage Wars: S4 DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Magna Home Entertainment

Jarrod, Brandi, Dave, Darrell, and Barry - along with Laura and Dan - are all back for another year of Storage Wars.

The show, where they bid against each other for the possessions within storage lockers is an addictive and totally guilty pleasure. Sure, you could argue this is a reality show in some ways with some of it feeling scripted in parts as they spar off each other.

There's a lack of Dave in this latest batch of episodes - while I know he had a big spat with the show's producers, it seems like he's being sidelined in these - but thankfully, a few other characters crop up here and there to fill some of the void.

But the fun of this show is predominantly what's unearthed in the lockers - be it hidden treasures or collectable trash - the fun is in the guessing and the estimating so on that front, the show scores as an education and an entertaining one at that.

While I'm not sure how much mileage is left in the show, this latest series is a welcome addition.

Extras: Extra scenes - a nice touch here and there.

Rating: 7/10