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Something Borrowed: Blu Ray review

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Rating: M
Released by Sony Home Ent

From the book of the same name comes a new rom com.

Ginnifer Goodwin stars as Rachel White, a woman hitting her 30s and still single and unmarried; her best friend Darcey Rhone (Kate Hudson) is the complete opposite - engaged to Rachel's former college buddy dreamy Dex (Colin Egglesfield) and about to be married.

But when Rachel begins a clandestine affair with Dex, all manner of secrets, lies and hidden truths begin to surface.

Something Borrowed will appeal to a certain sector of the audience but to everyone else, it'll be a case of eye rolling and a terrible sense of déjà vu.

While Goodwin does as well as she can with drippy sad sack Rachel, Hudson's managed to perfect the self obsessed and generally unlikeable best friend who's unaware she's being cheated on.

And that's major problem with Something Borrowed; there's no one really to root for in this. Sure, you can argue it should be about friendship but when Hudson's character is so spiteful and self centred, it's hard to argue for her and that her fiancée shouldn't cheat on her.

The only high point in this film is John Kransinski - his best friend Ethan is hilariously funny in an underplayed way dispensing deadpan lines and generally stealing the show.

Rating: 4/10