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The Simpsons S13: DVD Review

The Simpsons: Season 13

Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: PG

With the beaming face of simpleton Ralph Wiggum on the front, the latest Simpsons release hits the shelves.

With some 22 odd episodes and a raft of features - including a lovely little collection of Ralphisms, this set is a welcome addition to any fan of the show - or any casual viewer who wants to appreciate the genius of the writing.

Sure, after 13 years, there's some creaks here and there - but the misses are outweighed by the hits and the cameos keep coming. Included on this set are REM,  Pierce Brosnan in a great Halloween cameo, Paul Newman, Julia Louis Dreyfus - to name but a few.

There's nothing inherently wrong with this release - it's just after 13 releases, you'd kind of hope the creators would do something a little different with the format as it's feeling a little tired. Don't get me wrong, that's not a criticism of the quality merely that there's nothing overly new in the format of these releases.

That said, it's still money well spent.

Rating: 7/10