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Saturday Blockbuster: The Medallion

Saturday February 13th at 8.30pm

The Medallion

Cast: Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, Claire Forlani and John Rhys-Davies

Director: Gordon Chan

Get set for that Jackie Chan high-octane energy in The Medallion.

Chan stars as Eddie Yang, a Hong Kong cop who suffers a near fatal accident while investigating a case involving a mysterious medallion.

Eddie soon discovers that with the powerful medallion in his possession, he gains incredible speed, strength and skills, taking his martial arts abilities to awe-inspiring heights.

Enlisting the help of an old flame, British Interpol agent Nicole James, Eddie is determined to learn the secret of the medallion and face down the evil crime lord Snakehead, who wants to use its awesome powers for his own nefarious plans.

The Tuxedo is familiar territory for Chan, who has previously appeared in Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour 2 and Shanghai Knights.

In the early 70s, Chan worked as a bit player and an action director. Inspired by great film clowns like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, Chan has invented a unique style for film, combining humour and death-defying stunts.

"I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid," says Chan. "When I'm planning an action scene, I know how far I can go, how high I can jump& When I create a stunt, I have confidence that I can do it. If I think I cannot do something, I will not do it. I would not risk my life."