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Saturday Blockbuster: Mars Attacks!

Saturday September 12th at 8.30pm

Mars Attacks!

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan; Sarah Jessica Parker

Director: Tim Burton

A star-studded cast is decimated by aliens in this beautiful and bizarre big budget sci-fi comedy from director Tim Burton.

Mars Attacks! was inspired by a series of bubblegum cards from the 1960s which depicted various images of large-brained aliens invading earth and killing heaps of humans in remarkably graphic ways.

Burton's film focuses on various groups of people around America, most of whom succumb to the invasion, and features Jack Nicholson as both the President and as a drunk in Las Vegas. Also featured prominently are Pierce Brosnan; Sarah Jessica Parker; Michael J Fox; Natalie Portman; Jim Brown; Glenn Close; Martin Short; Danny DeVito; Jack Black (in a pre-fame role) and as himself, Tom Jones.

The film features some truly captivating visuals and a classically Burton-esque sense of macabre humour. It's got to be one of most personal movies ever made that cost over $100 million dollars. It resulted in much of the audience scratching their heads, but the film is undeniably fascinating, very funny at times and never dull.

Although it was a bit of a flop at the box office, released just five months after the massive success of the "straight" invasion film Independence Day, Mars Attacks! remains a worthy addition to the impressive Tim Burton cannon.

Always worth a revisit.