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My Darling Companion: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

A discovery of a dog on the side of a freeway serves as only the precursor to a menopausal drama playing out in this latest film from Lawrence Kasdan, which is reportedly part of his Big Chill generational series.

When Diane Keaton's Beth takes the dog home, husband Joseph, a successful spine surgeon played by Kevin Kline isn't in favour - but gradually the dog wins him over. Cue one year later, when at their daughter's wedding, the doc accidentally loses the dog out in the woods - and subsequently Beth breaks down.

Enlisting the help of a psychic gypsy (!), Beth and Joseph, along with family and friends try to search for the missing pooch as well as navigating a series of crises, self discoveries and ultimate acceptance of old age.

My Darling Companion benefits from a great ensemble cast - the pairing up of Mark Duplass and Richard Jenkins is inspired - but it falls short from a script which is more talky, and full of whiny people with problems.

It's a shame because it has a lot of potential rather than just becoming a film where people just mope rather than serving to move the narrative briskly along. It's probably aimed more at the older generation admittedly who will get a lot more due to recognition from the situations. While there's a message about working at relationships in the later years, there's little else which stands out from this piece which is admittedly well acted and directed.

Rating: 5/10