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Misfits S2 - DVD Review

Misfits Season 2

Rating: R18
Released by Roadshow and BBC

A second season of the brilliant series about five outcasts given superpowers when a storm strikes them as they work to fulfill community service obligations.

This time around, a masked superhero is stalking the gang and it appears many others have gained powers in the storm - and are making life difficult for them.

As ever, a mix of crudity, humour, great oneliners and some smart stories give Misfits the chance to rise out of the mire that sometimes can be superhero shows.

In this seven episode series, there's a bit more heart on display as well as some gross out moments; the writers have gone further to give the gang a bit more depth and the Superhoodie storyline surprises on many levels.

Throw into that mix, a bold final episode which gives the gang the chance to change their powers and you've pretty much got a blank canvas for the upcoming series - Misfits continues to excite and amuse in equal levels and it's well worth investing seven hours of your life in.

Rating: 7/10