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The Longest Yard

Wednesday January 20th at 8.30pm

The Longest Yard

Cast: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds, James Cromwell, Nelly.

Director: Peter Segal.

When a former football superstar, Paul "Wrecking" Crewe (Adam Sandler), lands himself in jail following a drunk driving incident, he becomes the centerpiece of a unique plan schemed by the duplicitous warden (James Cromwell) to amuse the prison staff.

Crewe must put together a team of convicts who will face off against the sadistic guards in a testosterone-filled game of jailhouse football.

Joined by legendary coach Nate Scarborough (Burt Reynolds) and the prison caretaker (Chris Rock), Crewe prepares to prove the guards are over their heads in this aggressive comedy where all bets are off and the boundaries of right and wrong are easily transgressed.

Trivia: Burt Reynolds starred in the original Longest Yard back in 1974.

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