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Law Abiding Citizen: DVD Review

Law Abiding Citizen

Released by Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: R18

Gerard Butler stars as Clyde Shelton - in front of his eyes one day, his wife and daughter are brutally killed in a home invasion.

Shelton survives but when it comes to trying the case, a hotshot lawyer Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) manages to get the one who stabbed him and his wife off - because he persuades him to testify against his accomplice.

Ten years go past - and suddenly Shelton is confessing to the murder of the one who got away&.and things get worse for Rice when Shelton's imprisoned but people involved in the case end up dead.

Suddenly the killings are so close to home - and the clock is ticking for Rice.

How far would you go to avenge your family's death? Well for Butler it's about as far as he's ever gone before - he's quite terrifying in his change from household man to psycho raging against the justice system.

There's a smart premise here that one man wants to bring down the corrupt system - there's some taut action scenes and a vein of tension pumping throughout this - coupled with the good solid central performances of Foxx and Butler, and this is a watchable - but disposable piece of Friday night entertainment - things blow up, explode - the usual fare.

Extras: Behind the scenes docos and trailer - as well as producers commentary - nothing outstanding but solid for the release

Rating: 6/10