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The Housemaid: DVD Review

The Housemaid

Rating: R16
Released by Madman

Just what is it with rich families?

So much money, so much opulence and luxury - and clearly so many issues -this remake of a Korean classic sees a young divorcee given the role of a housemaid in the Hoon family house.

The man of the house suddenly starts taking the master and servant a little too far (despite a daughter and heavily pregnant wife) and soon, all manner of problems are on the way as she becomes pregnant.

Soon the mother in law is poisoning her daughter and the duo plot to get her our of their lives for good-and however they can.

It's quite a slow building film but one with some racy moments and some wonderful visual touches; there's plenty of starched white around as well-from snow to shirts, this is a house which stinks of repression.

But it's a believable story, well told (aside from the final few scenes which take away some of the overall feel of what's gone on).A strong thriller and one which you can sink into and watch unfold thanks to the strong central performances

Rating: 6/10