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Film Festival 09 - I'm Not Harry Jenson

I'm Not Harry Jenson

New Zealand 2009, 102m
Director: James Napier-Robertson

Carrying off its low budget with polish and actorly flair, this earnestly lurid digi-thriller makes a bold break from years of TV stardom for writer/director James Napier-Roberston and producer/actor Tom Hern. "I know more about killers than they know about themselves," boasts Sydney true crime writer Stanley, pen-name Michael White (Gareth Reeves), but too much knowledge of his next subject, serial killer Harry Jenson is weirding Stanley out. His desperate agent suggests joining a tramping party in NZ to clear his head. How could he guess that he's transplanting his troubled client from urban noir into a bloody backwoods whodunit? The less you know about the motley crew of trampers now, the more point there is in seeing the film to divine their true colours. Cameron Rhodes, Ian Mune, Ilona Rodgers are amongst the familiar faces contributing distinctively to the cunningly plotted mayhem of terror, suspicion and recrimination. - Bill Gosden