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Conan The Barbarian: Blu Ray Review

Conan The Barbarian


Rating: M
Released by Roadshow

Oh dear.

If you've ever wanted to erase the Schwarzenegger version of the Conan story, then this could be the one for you. For all the wrong reasons.

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa stars as Conan in this swords and sorcery take on the tale which sees Conan trapped in a fight to avenge his murdered father as well as save the world.

Relentlessly violent, gory and bloody, Conan is, I guess, in some ways exactly what you'd expect from the film. The problem is there's little sensible dialogue and characterization - all of which appears to have been jettisoned for some admittedly cool action and fight sequences (the majority of which were clearly aimed at 3D effects).

If you want to check your brain at the door, you'll love this blood and blades (spattered with a few breasts) fantasy tale.

Rating: 4/10