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Being Human S3: DVD Review

Being Human

Being Human Series 3 DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by BBC and Roadshow

It's back for a third season and it gets as dark as it can in this story of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who are all flat mates.

Having been forced to flee their flat in Bristol at the end of the last series, Mitchell, Annie and George relocate to Wales to live their relatively normal lives. But forces are catching up with them...and soon, everything they know and love about their relatively troubled existence will come to the fore - but nothing will prepare them for what's ahead.

It's fair to say this third series is a bit of a transition piece in some ways; particularly towards the end when newer characters begin to show and you have a feeling everything you've loved about this BBC supernatural drama is about to change. Particularly when lifelong nemesis, the vampire Herrick returns to the scene (after being beheaded in the end of series one)

But there's still the humour throughout and Aidan Turner, Lenora Critchlow and Russell Tovey continue to impress in their roles.

The ending is particularly poignant and sad if you've invested into the past three series - but for the story to move forward, to be honest, changes needed to be made or it'd have become stale and unwatchable.

Being Human 3 is perhaps the most dramatic of the lot but it remains a good solid character piece with some snappy writing, great character performances and good drama. Well worth investing your time in.

Rating: 7/10