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Batman Returns

Batman Returns

Cast: Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer

Director: Tim Burton

Tim Burton followed-up his massively successful 1989 original with this considerably darker film, which many consider to be the better than its predecessor.

There are more villains this time around - Danny Devito's mutated Penguin and the much more fetching (and only sort of a villain), Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. Christopher Walken is also present as corrupt businessman Max Schreck, who teams up with the Penguin for some nefarious activities.

Catwoman also doubles as Batman's love interest in this film - Vicki Vale is nowhere to be seen.

The pace of Batman Returns is occasionally a bit off, but it is an admirably dark outing. The main criticism could be that Batman is the least interesting character in the movie. Much more time is spent on the villains - and Pfeiffer more than steals the show.

Batman Returns made a pile of cash, but it was much less than earned by the first Batman movie , and there were reports that the studio was unhappy with Burton's dark take on the material.

Whatever the case, the studio handed the reigns over to Joel Schumacher for the third film, the (all things considered) pretty decent, but much lighter Batman Forever, but Schumacher followed that up with the much maligned Batman & Robin , which all but killed off the franchise.