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ATM: DVD Review

Rating: M

Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

A horror film, with a fairly simple premise, ATM is a rip your hair out with frustration kind of ride as opposed to edge of the seat tension.

David, Emily and Corey are three friends at a work party at Christmas time; David's got designs on Emily (played by Alice Eve) and they leave for the night. Heading back the group head to an ATM Booth to get some money - and that's when the terror starts as a hooded figure begins to terrorise them, locking them in the booth and thwarting their plans to escape....

ATM is a frustrating film, and one that you should be grateful is mercifully short.

Full of the obligatory jumpy moments and lack of any real coherence, if you like horror and are willing to forgive the gaping holes (like why they don't just run away) then maybe you'll find something to watch and enjoy.

Everyone else will find it predictable, annoying and despite its initial clever premise, descends into every stereotyped horror film cliche you'd expect.

Rating: 3/10