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Armageddon Q&A - Adrian Paul

1) Is this your first time at Armageddon Auckland?
It is my first time in New Zealand

2) What are you expecting / what have you heard about New Zealand (or Auckland)?
I actually have seen many photos and heard through people I know how beautiful New Zealand and Auckland are. Also I have a film that I am producing that I am thinking of bringing there. It originally was set for New Zealand, then moved to Vancouver and now it is going full circle via Australia

3) How does the convention circuit differ here from abroad?
I am not sure since I have never done a convention in Auckland. I did a Highlander convention in Sydney a few years back and it was pretty much the same as abroad. Obviously each convention is only as good as the people running it.

4) What are you working on / what projects are you involved in at the moment?
I am about to Produce a picture out of Spain called At 2:15 with Nick Nolte, Melanie Griffith, Angela Molina and myself, as well as a well known A-List actor who I cannot mention right now. My production company Filmblips has four or five films in various stages of production

5) What's the strangest (and publishable) request you've ever had from a fan?
Lately someone mentioned to me that they hadn't really seen my feet in many Highlander episodes except when I was doing martial arts in the dojo and of course the episode when I was tied down on a bed. Glad to know they were following my feet closely. But the real question was - Was I gagged when they did that shot?

6) Conversely, what's the nicest moment you've ever had happen to you at a convention?
I think the one the quickly come to mind was, when highlander was still on the air and in production I was at a huge Highlander convention I was being escorted from one place to another, people were taking photos and saying hello, when I came a cross a young boy sitting dejectedly on his own on a chair. As I walked past he smiled shyly, not really knowing what to say. Something quickly made me turn around, sit down beside him, much to his shock, and told the photographers and I believe, his mother, to take picture. Later I received a letter from his her telling me how much it had meant to her son having a picture taken with me, since he had suffered from a medical condition and because of it they thought they would never get a chance at getting a picture with me because it meant standing for a long time in the lines. It made me realize how a simple kind gesture, that most of us forget to do, even me a lot of the time, can have such an impact

7) Is there anyone else coming to Auckland's Armageddon that you're looking forward to seeing?
Actually I think Amanda Tapping is coming. It will be good to catch up with her since we last worked together a few years ago

8) Armageddon's also about the costumes - what's the best and worst costumes you've seen while attending a convention?
Wow that is a very large question. I think I have seen so many costumes at the various conventions I have attended that they all blend. I was at Comic con in San Diego this year and there were hundreds of people in costumes from Iron man to butterfly girl. You know the first one right? Yeah well that is like me. I couldn't tell you what character half of the ones I have seen are supposed to be.

9) What's the biggest myth about an event like Armageddon and how would you dispel it?
I think events like Armageddon have had reputations in the past of being full of geeks and people who don't have anything better to do than attend a convention.  Firstly Sci Fi is now main stream, let me point that out.
Secondly people love to be in fancy dress at Halloween so what's the difference?
Thirdly some of the people who attend these conventions are very smart and are just passionate about "their" hobby, which is science fiction in film and tv. Is that much different than going to a soccer. Baseball, football or hockey game when people dress up and paint themselves the colors of their team?