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The Adventures of Tintin: Blu Ray Review


The Adventures of Tintin

Released by Universal Home Ent
Rating: PG

Jamie Bell takes the lead of the eponymous hero in Spielberg's animated adaptation of Herge's famous investigator.

Along with his trusty dog Snowy, Tintin's caught up in a new adventure after he purchases a model ship called The Unicorn. Within seconds of this purchase, he's accosted by Daniel Craig's Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, who wants to get his hands on the model.

Sensing there's something to the ship, Tintin starts investigating - but soon, he's captured by some of Sakharine's goons and imprisoned on another ship. Desperate to escape, Tintin (along with Snowy) teams up with Captain Haddock (a brilliant Andy Serkis).

But Haddock's got more to do with this mystery than he first realises - and soon Tintin and Haddock are on a globetrotting journey to try and save the day - and to crack the secret of the Unicorn.

Family entertainment doesn't really get better than this rollicking boys own adventure from Spielberg and Peter Jackson. The performance capture 3D way of making film certainly has had a bit of a rough ride with films like Mars Needs Moms and The Polar Express managing to freak people out more than impress them.

However, from the opening frames of this sublimely animated flick, it's clear something magical's been created on celluloid.

With its initial credits recalling the Catch Me If You Can openers and Saul Bass' greatest work, Tintin is just entrancing from the get go. The animation is beautiful to look at and captures the essence and look of Herge's original novels - but it's the level of detail which is most impressive in every single frame.

But it's not just the animation which impresses; the script's been given a good dose of heart and humour which fleshes out the whole experience. Scenes where Haddock recalls his ancestors and the action swoops in and out of the past are some of the most impressive ever committed to the big screen; there's even a nice nod to Jaws which not only gives you a giggle but goes to showcase the marvellous work which has been done to ensure water is animated perfectly. Throw in some good solid action sequences and the whole gamut is here.

All of the actors give their all to this tale of derring do - and while Thompson and Thompson are a little underutilized, there's certainly more than enough to keep you stupidly entertained from beginning to end.

A sequel's inevitable and quite frankly, if it's as good as this first outing, you can count me in without a shadow of a doubt.

Extras: A whole feast of docos makes this collection a blistering set of bonus content and gives the film the depth it needs for real fans.

Rating: 8/10