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Tue Nov 14: Immigration; Whitebait; Al Gore
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You might remember the earlier story we brought you about Tim, Willie and Candy. Three children born here to Chinese parents. The problem, Mum and Dad came to the country on a working visa   and stayed for nearly a decade. Dad was deported on Christmas Eve two years ago. But there's been an ongoing court battle to keep the children's Mum, Yueying Ding, here. And there's no sign of that court battle ending anytime soon. A final decision as to whether she will stay or go won't be heard until next year. We'll speak to immigration lawyer David Ryken about why soon. But for Tim, Willy and Candy, New Zealand citizens who've never even been to China. That's more time in limbo, more time not knowing what the future holds for them and whether their Mum's going to be here for them or not. Susan Wood went back to see how the family are coping.

Whitebait is to Kiwi cuisine what foie gras is to the French, a national delicacy. And for around three months each year thousands of us head to remote white-bait stands around the country to collect the tiny fish. But in Waikato that's about to change. DOC and Environment Waikato are promising to get tough on whitebaiters who use too many nets, and oversized stands. Fishers say that means up to ninety five per cent of the whitebait stands will become illegal. So is the iconic whitebait fritter at risk?Robyn Janes went to find out. 

Al Gore
It's probably fair to say most of us want to be clean and green. Watch what we throw out, recyle, conserve electricity and water. It's difficult to ignore this message especially with climate change purportedly right on our doorstep. One of the big champions on the climate change roadshow is former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. With his movie, An Inconvenient Truth he's taken the message of global warming worldwide. And today he made a frighteningly rapid visit to Auckland, less than six hours all up to address a selected group of politicans and corporate leaders on what climate change has in store for us. And it's an inconvenient truth to have to report that the ordinary kiwi in the street, and the media for that matter, had no hope of hearing his words of wisdom. So reporter Michael Holland was forced to hang with a bunch of rowdies outside and none too impressed they were with Mr Gore's mode of transport.

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