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Tues Nov 29: Seat Swapping; Wine names; Mapman
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Seat Swapping
Gender discrimination. We hear those words and we immediately think of women in the workplace, or perhaps women being sexually harassed. Yet, Auckland man, Mark Worsley, found out last year what it's like to be treated differently when he boarded a Qantas flight from Christchurch to Auckland. After being seated next to a young child, he was told to swap seats with a woman, because the airline has a policy of not allowing men to sit next to unaccompanied children. We've since learned Air New Zealand has the same policy, as do many major airlines. Mark talks to about his experience. Then we're joined by John Langley, Dean of Education at Auckland University, and former Children's Commissioner, Roger Mclay.

Goodbye to Vino?
It's getting round to the festive season and many of us will be back to talking French. Admittedly it's the kind of chat you learn off wine bottles, words like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sav Blanc. These days we think of them as part of the Kiwi lifestyle but the fact is, French they are. Which is why one New Zealand wine connoisseur has decided its time to create our own branding, in Maori. As Ian Sinclair discovers, the idea has already been attacked as pompous and elitist.

Meet Mapman
Most people enjoy a hobby. For some, it's sailing out on the harbour to de-stress from a high pressure job. For others, knitting is number one. Some, however, have more selfless hobbies, that while passing the time, also help the greater good. One such man, is George Holmes, Map Detective. He showed Hugh Sundae exactly what's involved.

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