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NZ music video too hot for TV

The video for Auckland band Garageland's new single has been deemed too sexually explicit for New Zealand's music television shows.

Shot on black and white film, the video depicts Garageland performing live with an exotic dancer in the foreground.

The video's director, Myles Van Urk, says he wanted to make a video that was beautiful, simple, hedonistic, ironic, potent and most importantly rock and roll. "It was never a question of 'eek, let's put some tits in here and make the video really edgy and controversial".

"It's ironic that the video can cause such a furore when you compare it with the stream of 'Thong Song' influenced music videos and insulting base TV programming like Big Brother which gets away with frontal nudity."

Aside from a screening on TV2's youth-orientated show 'Space', the director's cut of "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are" has been unable to get past television censors.

RTR presenter and co-producer Erika Takacs says that while she personally doesn't have a problem with the clip, she has to think of her audience. "We have six-year-old kids watching the show. If we played the Garageland video I'd have hundreds of Mums complaining."

TV4's Most Wanted producer Arwen O'Conner says the director has made a great job of the video but the naked breasts and sexual connotations mean the video is inappropriate for Most Wanted's 1900 timeslot and PGR rating.

Juice TV programme director Daniel Wrightson says "I love this song and can't wait to play it - sans nipples please."

Garageland's manager Campbell Smith says the situation has left him feeling baffled. "I don't see what all the fuss is about, given that 50% of the audience has breasts. The other 50% knows what they look like".

Myles Van Urk says the video pushes archaic commercial boundaries in keeping with the aesthetic. "Perhaps it's naive to consider the music video one of the last free mediums where art and commerce don't collide." An edited version of the "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are" will be played on TV4 in a timeslot after 2130.

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